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The Deep Meanings Behind Logo Shapes

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Logo shapes are an important part of any brand logo design and visual identity, as they give your logo a unique and recognizable look and feel.

Logo shapes can range from simple geometric forms to more complex illustrations, thus, using the right logo shapes relies on your brand’s visual identity needs and required impacts on your targeted audience.

The meaning of shape in logo design delivers your message to your audience and helps you stand out among competitors.

Today, we are going also to look at some of the most iconic logo shapes, their importance, and professional tips for choosing the right logo shapes for your business.

What Is the Meaning of Shapes in Logo Design?

Shapes in logo design can be used to represent different things, such as the company’s values, mission, or goals, moreover, they can be used to create a visual identity, convey a message, or provide a sense of familiarity to customers.

Shapes create a visual hierarchy, structure, and balance in a logo design, and common logo shapes include circles, squares, and triangles, each of which has its own meaning.

Moreover, logo designers may also use other shapes to represent different ideas and draw attention to specific parts of the logo, with the target to create a unique and memorable look.

However, when used effectively, logo shapes can be powerful tools for delivering your company’s message and values.

Why Logo Shapes Are Important?

Logo shapes can have a significant impact on different logo types, and on your business’s targeted audience, thus, the shape of a logo can be a powerful tool to boost brand awareness and exposure.

Moreover, we can say that the logo shapes’ importance goes to:

  • Create a clear visual identity for your brand and make it stand out from similar companies.
  • Generate an emotional connection with potential customers, as each shape can evoke a certain feeling or emotion.
  • Create a unique visual identity that can help differentiate a product or service.
  • Deliver certain values, such as an emphasis on sustainability or a commitment to quality
  • Design a memorable logo that can be easily recognized and recalled.
  • Logo shapes work to connect your customers with your brand.

For example, when you think of a strong logo you will surely think of the iconic Apple logo as a simple shape that is associated with the company, enabling customers to easily recognize the brand and connect to it.

Logo Shapes and Their Meanings | PUBLCO

7 Logo Shapes and Their Meanings

Logo designing is a process of deeply analyzing and understanding your brand and its unique case study, as it is a basic element of your brand identity, however, choosing the right logo shapes will directly impact how people interact with your logo:

1. Circle Logos

Circle logo shapes, or round logo shapes, are logos with no edges or corners, which represent perfection and completeness, with a clear sense of harmony, balance, and stability.

These logo shapes convey a message of protection and security, thus, they are used to deliver an idea of trust, loyalty, and community to the targeted audience.

2. Rectangle and Square Logos

Rectangle and square logos come with edges and 90-degree corners, moreover, these logo shapes are easy to relate to due to their existence around us in all the details.

They often communicate a sense of reliability, power, structure, order, and dependability, and can be used to convey a message of strength and stability about your brand.

3. Triangle Logos

Triangle logo shapes are associated with power and strength, thus using them to deliver a powerful message about your brand is a great logo designing tip.

They are often used to deliver ideas of ambition and progress, furthermore, can be used to symbolize growth and movement.

4. Vertical and Horizontal Logos

Vertical and horizontal logo shapes represent progress and movement toward the future, meaning that your business will grow constantly.

When vertical and horizontal logos are used, they deliver a message of progress and can be used to symbolize consistent growth and change.

5. Organic Logo Shapes

Organic logo shapes are free-form shapes that are irregular, moreover, related to the nature and natural world.

If you have a brand concept that is related to nature and the environment, then you must use organic logo shapes that symbolize balance and growth.

6. Spiral Logo Shapes

Spiral logo shapes are really close to organic logo shapes with their uneven forms, however, they have more freedom in the designing process as they are not related to any original shapes.

They are popular logo shapes nowadays for different logos such as social media platforms, and are often used to create a sense of progress, transformation, movement, and evolution, and can be used to symbolize progress and development.

7.  Abstract Logo Shapes

Abstract logo shapes are the creativity and innovative logo shapes that are created and designed by the combination of many shapes.

Moreover, this logo design type is used to symbolize abstract concepts and ideas and can be used to evoke a sense of curiosity and exploration.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Logo Shape for Your Brand

As we mentioned earlier there are different logo shapes, and each delivers a certain message, thus, to choose right you must follow these amazing tips from our professionals:

· Consider the Character of Your Brand

Your brand’s character should be reflected in the shape of your logo to be able to deliver its message clearly.

For example, if your brand is playful, you might consider using a shape like a circle or a heart, on the other hand, if your brand is formal, you may want to opt for a shape with more structure such as a square or a triangle.

· Think of the Color and Shape

Although you must take care of your logo shape when designing your logo, however, you should not ignore your colors psychological impacts on your audience.

Thus, consider the logo shapes and colors equally when going through your design and creativity process.

· Choose A Shape That Is Easy to Recognize

You want to make sure that your logo is easily recognizable and memorable by your targeted audience, as this could differ from one community to another.

So, it is important to select a shape that stands out from the crowd, while avoiding shapes that are too complex or abstract, as these may be harder for people to remember.

· Consider How It Will Look on Different Platforms

Your logo should look good on all traditional and digital platforms, from a large billboard to a tiny business card, and social media accounts.

Thus, consider how the shape you chose will look when it is printed, scaled, or displayed on different media, products, and services.

· Have Fun Creating

Creating a logo can be a fun and creative process, just do not be afraid of thinking outside the box, and explore different shapes that you may not have initially considered.

This creativity boost will for sure help you to stand out among your competitors.

Examples of Popular Logo Shapes with Explanations

After knowing the basic information, it is time to relate it to real-life experiences with these great examples:

· Apple

Apple’s iconic logo is a reference to the original story of Adam and Eve, it also serves as a reminder that Apple is always embracing new ideas and technology.

· Nike

The Nike swoosh is a reminder of the Greek goddess of victory and suggests speed, power, and grace, with the concept that Nike is always striving to be the best.

· Starbucks

The Starbucks mermaid logo reflects the seafaring history of Seattle, the city where Starbucks was founded.

· Microsoft

The Microsoft 4-color window logo reflects the Windows operating system and ongoing innovation, progress, and accessibility.


Logo shapes are basic players in your logo design and visual identity, thus, choosing them carefully is important for your logo’s success.

We at Publco, have a creative team that knows how to choose and engrave the best logo design for your business, that will serve your concept and ideas greatly, contact us now to start the creativity ride.

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