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9 Types of Logos with Popular Examples

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Nike, FedEx, or

Here are the most known and used logo types by companies all over the world:

1. Wordmarks Logo:

Also known as logotypes, and could be defined as a type of logo that consists of only words, usually the company name or slogan written in a distinct, and stylized font. Wordmarks are best to be used for established companies with a strong name that will be the base of all their digital marketing strategies or when rebranding a well-known name. Moreover, when wordmarks are done correctly, the letters and font style create an instant relationship between the company name and its distinct look and feel, which makes it easy to remember.

2. Letterforms Logo:

Letterforms are typographic logos that use only one or two initials from the owner’s or company’s name, product, or service. Letterform are great to use for companies trying to create a chic and timeless look. On the other hand, they are also great for companies with long names that need to be abbreviated in a visually appealing way to be more rememberable for people at the first sight.

3. Monogram Logo:

Also known as Lettermarks, this logo type could be identified as a logo where the company name is combined into one single logo element with only the initials of the brand name. Lettermarks can be amazing for corporates with ambitious branding goals, that want to empower their name concept, moreover, want their logo to represent their brand with a unique look and feel. Furthermore, Lettermarks are also great for businesses that want to imply luxury and sophistication with their logo design.

4. Logo symbols:

Brand marks or pictorial marks are simple designs or illustrations that are used to characterize a brand or company, more than that, this style is used to strengthen the company’s core values and mission. These logo types could come in a variety of shapes and colors to convey a range of emotions, however, creating an effective logo symbol choice that adds to your visual elements and improve your brand identity requires a careful blend of shape, color, and concept.

Famous Examples:

WordMarks; Google, Airbnb, and Disney

Letterforms; BOS, BMW, and HP

Monogram; IBM, LG, and ESPN

Symbols; Pepsi swirl, Twitter bird, Starbucks siren, and Burger King crown.

5. Combination Marks Logo:

This Logotype combines two or more types of logo designs to present a creative design and empower the brand concept effectively. So, suppose you are designing a logo for a company and aim to combine elements from the visual identity into the logo. In that case, the Combination marks logo is your perfect answer. Moreover, this type also works great for cases where you need to emphasize the importance of the brand name and/or product with the logo design. Famous Examples: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft.

6. Abstract Logo Marks:

A type of logo that uses abstract shapes and lines in the designing process, to end up with a unique shape that empowers the professionalism of the organization. When planning to design a logo that speaks to your audience without using actual words then abstract marks logo is a great option to work by. On the other hand, these logo types can also be used to create a unique and memorable logo design that is stuck in people’s minds and could consider a trend in the last couple of years. Famous Examples: are Nike, Twitter, and Adobe.

7. Mascots Logo:

A brand mascot is a character or figure that is used to create an emotional connection with your brand audiences, moreover, recent studies showed that emotional connections with brands help boost the measures of your digital marketing effectiveness. However, although this logo type can be helpful in advertising and marketing your business, and can create a unique identity for your company, but it is important to make sure that the final logo study result is something people can relate to. Famous Examples: Kool-Aid Man, Lou Seal, and Roxy the Fox.

8. Emblems Logo:

Emblem logos use text or typography to create a visually bold design for your brand or organization. As this logo type helps present your brand with a professional and trustworthy image, leading to gaining people’s trust. Next to the fact that emblem logos are also helpful in imprinting your company name into the customer’s memory forever, which is really effective for social media campaigns and honestly all marketing campaigns. Famous Examples: Harley-Davidson, Adidas, Volkswagen, and Burger King.

9. Dynamic Marks Logo:

Dynamic marks are trademarks that go beyond the words and logos of a company to simplify its vision, values, and mission in the best way. Although, Dynamic marks can be abstract designs or representational figures, yet, it is important for companies to choose a dynamic mark that reflects their brand image and will be eye-catching for customers. Famous Examples: Twitter, Mastercard, Starbucks, and FedEx Logo. 

Famous Examples:

Combination Marks; McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft

Abstract; Nike, Twitter, and Adobe

Mascots; Kool-Aid Man, Lou Seal, and Roxy the Fox

Emblems; Harley-Davidson, Adidas, Volkswagen, and Burger King

Dynamic; Twitter, Mastercard, Starbucks, and FedEx Logo.

Unique Tips to Select the Right Type of Logo for Your Business

  • Consider your industry, goals, vision, mission, and targeted audience.
  • Think about colors, fonts, symbols, and other elements that can help your brand identity to stand out amongst competitors.
  • Study your market competitors and note the elements that help their logos to be successful in the market, in other words, know what your market likes.
  • Do brainstorming sessions to find the best way to deliver your business’s mission and values through your logo.
  • Make sure, and this is more than essential in 2023, that your logo is usable in digital, print, and other media formats.
  • Create a logo that is recognizable and appropriate for your business’s values.
  • Consider giving the logo a tagline to help customers recognize it better.

To sum up

For sure there are suitable choices among all logo types for your brand and vision, however, choosing the right agency to design your logo is your only option to succeed. Do not leave this to chance and contact us immediately to guarantee choosing the best logo type for your brand and to have the finest design results.


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