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Top Visual Elements to Improve Your Brand Identity

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Sure you have heard about brand identity elements while searching about branding and its importance for your business, whether you are considering rebranding or visual branding for your business. Good and powerful brand identity elements, that are created based on deep market study and research are the core elements that help you reach your targeted audience as you like, and establish a powerful existence in the market. Today, we are going to introduce you to the secrets of brand identity elements, success factors, basic brand identity elements, and why your business needs strong branding to succeed and thrive in the market.

The Brand Identity Definition:

Brand identity term represents all the visual and visible elements that combine together to create the brand’s public image in front of your targeted audience. In other words, brand identity is the visual outcome of your brand concept and philosophy to deliver your ideas in a visual way that helps you stuck in people’s minds strongly. Thus, having a clear, strong, and consistent brand identity is a basic factor for any and all company’s success, especially in today’s world, and all the required visual work for social media and other digital marketing platforms. However, these elements are the visual aspects of your brand identity, including logo, graphics, fonts, taglines, slogans, and brand tone that combines together to create the final brand image for your business.  

Is There a Brand Identity vs. Visual Identity Comparison?

Brand identity and visual identity are closely related but distinct concepts in design branding and brand strategy. Brand identity refers to the overall image and reputation of a brand, including its values, mission, and messaging. It encompasses the emotional and psychological aspects of the brand and how it is perceived by consumers. Visual identity, on the other hand, refers to the specific elements of design used to represent a brand, such as its logo, color palette, typography, and imagery. It is the visual representation of the brand identity and is used consistently across all branding materials. In short, brand identity is the essence of a brand, and visual identity is the way to represent it.  

Winning Factors to Successful Brand Identity Study

Next to having stable brand identity elements, you need to take care of these factors to succeed and guarantee a powerful branding strategy that leaves the impact you wish for among your targeted audience and market competitors. We ensure you that creating a brand identity with these factors will give your business the results you wish for:

Clear Vision

About your company and brand, where you are going, growth strategy, and how you plan to do so in the near and far future, all of these details, help you to create a visual identity that is related to your company work, moreover, help boost your general marketing strategy.

Deep Market Research

Your brand identity elements study should not be random but should be based on your targeted market and audience to know what they need, moreover, how you should approach them in order to achieve actual results.

Consistent Visual Elements

A big factor that makes all your visual branding work effective is as it is important to have a visual identity, but it is more important to have a consistent visual identity on all channels, whether we are talking about traditional or digital marketing channels. Even the interior design of your offices and branches should be related to, and consistent with your general brand. All of that help you to create a stable brand image in people’s minds that will not be forgotten, furthermore, will be noticed immediately on different channels.

Add Personal Touch

Uniqueness in our time is more than appreciated due to the huge number of businesses and brands working in various industries, thus, make sure that your brand identity elements start with you and your personal touch. As no one knows your business as you do.

Planned Visual Rebranding

To ensure your brand identity’s continuous success you need to make sure that it is always up-to-date, thus, a rebranding must be planned whether we are talking about a full rebranding strategy, or rebranding touches to keep your brand fresh and modern.

6 Essential Types of Visual Brand Identity Elements

Now, to the most important point in our blog, the brand identity elements combined together to create your brand visuals and tone. Following these brand identity elements depending on your business requirements and needs will guarantee you a successful branding study:

1. Logo

We can say that the logo is the most visible and catchy brand identity element, moreover, the most used one on your packaging, stuff uniform, and social media accounts. Whether you chose to use a graphic shape or a typographic shape logo, your brand logo must be bold and catchy to stick in people’s minds, however, this does not mean that the logo cannot be simple. Moreover, directly attached to your business to increase your brand awareness and continuously remind the people of your company’s work. When talking about powerful logo brand identity we can speak about “Nike”, as whenever you see the “Check Symbol” you will remember this brand whether you are a sports fan or not.

2. Colour Palette

Colors help you to present your brand as you like, whether to be strong, reliable, comfortable, or any other feeling you like your brand to present to people seeing it. More than that, your brand identity study should include a public color scheme that identifies how your brand color could be used for different channels or spaces, moreover, it could include other possible color schemes whether in other different colors or in black and white. Your brand color could be an element that helps your brand stand out when implemented correctly, just like McDonald’s, can you see the famous red and yellow together and not think of McDonald’s?

3. Fonts & Typography

Next to the color palette, fonts also play a role in delivering your required brand feeling, thus, choosing the right font and typography style has a significant impact on delivering your brand message. After choosing the brand font you should choose the typography which represents the size, type, and color your words are going to show. The right fonts and typography help your targeted audience to feel like you are talking to them with a clear and direct voice.

4. Patterns & Graphics

When talking about brand identity elements, we must talk about the patterns and graphics which are all the other visual elements that support the logo in making the brand visually appealing. Finding what suits your brand best helps your brand voice to reach your audience effectively, moreover, makes you and your services clearer to them. Whether you choose to go with realistic or motions, there is no right or wrong as long as this choice goes with your brand identity elements and your expected persona buyer personality.

5. Tagline & Slogan

Many people mix those two expressions together, so first, let us tell what they present:

  • Tagline: is the basic and generally used word or phrase to describe a brand and clarify its main identity, like Nike’s famous “Just Do It” phrase.
  • Slogan: is the used motto for a marketing campaign or a specific product or service within a brand, like KitKat from Nestle’s slogan “Take a Break Take a KitKat”.

However, both are equally important for your brand identity, as they are your way to speak to people whenever they see your logo or campaign.

6. Brand Vibe

Which is really close to the brand voice and tone concept, however, it is more like the general feeling coming from the brand identity elements. All the previously listed elements represent your brand vibe and outcomes towards your targeted audience and market in general, as the logo, colors, fonts, and others combine together to deliver your brand vibe in the best way. Moreover, the brand vibe could be positive, encouraging, or comforting based on your business services, products, and goals, moreover, brand vibes actually have a great impact on your team’s productivity.  

The Benefits of Strong Brand Identity Elements:

If you are wondering what all the fuzz around the brand identity elements and why you should take care of all the listed details not only to succeed but also to continue to exist in the business world:

  • Achieve effective and powerful brand awareness and exposure in the best way to make your business unforgettable.
  • Well-studied brand identity elements mean customer loyalty, due to your brand stability and clear vibes.
  • Brand identity elements, when done right, help you to be stuck in people’s minds forever, moreover, remember you when they see something like your brand.
  • Unique branding helps you to stand out among competitors which will make you stronger in the market, and hard to be replaced.

To Sum Up,

Brand identity elements are a strong and basic factor in your or any other business’s success despite your industry, thus, helping your business to succeed with Publco’s powerful visual design services.

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