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DOCA Restaurant & Bar
Scope of work
Brand Identity
Visual design
Environmental Graphiccs
Location: Barcelona
Industry: F&B

DOCA is serving traditional Italian cuisine in a cozy and intimate setting. We aim to create an unforgettable dining experience for our guests, and we need a brand identity that communicates this. Our main focus at this stage is to have an Elegant and memorable logo and other visuals.

Solution: Our approach went to create a warm, inviting, and authentic atmosphere. We run a few workshops with the DOCA team to understand how they went to represent themselves and how to make their customers feel.

Result: A timeless icon with color palette that conveys warmth and hospitality. Typography that is easy to read and complements the brand’s personality. Other elements such as; patterns, icons, and photo style.

DOCA - Case Study
DOCA - Case Study
DOCA - Case Study 08
DOCA - Case Study 05
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DOCA - Case Study 06
DOCA - Case Study 07
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